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Walk For Joy 2022


Walk For Joy 2022

Henry Park Primary School for Beyond Social Services

Dear Friends of Henry Park Primary School,

In all our 45 years, Henry Park Primary School has always stood within the community as a shining example of a school which nurtures pupils to take pride in their work and groom them to be people of character and relevance. Hence, what better way to celebrate our 45th year than by serving. This year, our student leaders have decided that we want to contribute to the community through Walk for Joy 2022 where the school community will walk for 4.5 km to raise funds for Beyond Social Services (BSS). All of us, in our small ways, can make a difference.  Let us remember our school values – Respect, Integrity, Care and Excellence – as we support this meaningful endeavour.

BSS is a charity dedicated to helping children and youths from less privileged backgrounds break away from the poverty cycle. We hope to have your support to make a difference and be the difference for the beneficiaries of BSS. You can find more information about BSS via their website https://www.beyond.org.sg/


Koh Chin Thong

Principal of Henry Park Primary School