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Green School

Green School Vision

Singapore’s national vision and plans for a more liveable and sustainable Singapore is outlined in the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB), which was launched in 2014. The SSB has laid out targets to achieve Singapore’s ambition in practising sustainable development. 

Similarly, HPPS hopes to foster specific skills, and competencies in our students and ourselves as a community that focuses on environmental sustainability in all aspects of everyday life, inside and outside of school. 

Green School Objectives
  1. To raise awareness about environmental issues among members of the school community.
  2. To motivate staff and students to take concrete actions that contributes to sustainable living in their own ways.
  3. To promote deeper awareness of environmental stewardship among students that enhances 21CC through enriched outdoor and authentic learning experiences using inquiry-based learning

Key Focus Areas


Growing Environment Leaders

Holistic, student-centered approach to inspire and empower students to become environmental leaders.

Tapping on their natural curiosity, combined with a desire to explore, students will learn, through authentic experiences, and understand the issues facing our environment and actively seek real life solutions to making it more sustainable.


Reducing Waste

By engaging the school community, reducing waste leads to lowers costs, more efficient use of resources and a more eco-friendly school environment.


Eco Friendly Facilities

Making the world sustainable starts with making our own school sustainable. Hence, we need to ensure that we make our facilities eco-friendly.


Enhancing Biodiversity

Instrumental in providing enriching and exciting outdoor learning experiences to make students appreciate and care for the environment.


Nurturing a Caring School

School-wide green efforts will nurture and support our RICE values among the members of the school community and develop responsible attitudes and commitment.

Our Strategies


Focus Areas


  1. Growing Environment Leaders

  2. Reducing Waste

  3. Eco Friendly Facilities

  4. Enhancing Biodiversity

  5. Nurturing a Caring School

Infusion of Environmental Education into curriculum (Tier 1)

Nurturing Eco Monitors
(Tier 2 & Tier 3)

School-wide initiatives to involve staff and students to minimise different types of waste through recycling efforts.

Convenience in the efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle

Create more green spaces that would attract biodiversity in the school.

Being environment friendly

Collaboration with external organisations

Outreach to wider community 

Our Programmes

Growing Environment Leaders

Collaboration with community (Hillview Connections) to learn about making Eco Enzymes

Reaching out to the community to share their initiative of cutting down on the use of plastic bags.

Playing the role of Environmental Leaders at Maker Extravaganza 2019
Going through the experience of theme based “Amazing Race” so as to equip themselves with the skills to come up with one in school.

Presenting to the school community on environmental issues
Reaching out to the community through the news

Students attending workshops (Environment Champions, Community in Nature Ambassadors) 

Reducing Waste

Food waste recycling
Recycling Initiatives to create awareness through visual reminders

Recycling Facilities (Paper, Plastic, Cans, Tetra Paks, e-Waste)

Eco Friendly Facilities

Use of solar panels

Hydroponics facilities
Food Waste Recycling Machine

Notieboards to share with students the water and energy and their conservation

Enhancing Biodiversity

Flower Garden

Eco Pond

Fern Garden

Edible Garden


Around the school

Nurturing a Caring School

Commemoration of Wrold Water Day 2019

Commemoration of Earth Week 2019
Commemoration of No Plastic Week 2019
(Reaching out to the community) Tree Planting at Pine Grove NC
(Reaching out to the community) Wall Mural Painting at Van Kleef Centre
 Adoption of Sungei Ulu Pandan and Annual Litter Picking at the vicinity 

Climate Action Week

This year, Climate Action Week will be held from 15th to 21st August 2020. Henry Park Primary School renews our commitments to support our latest climate action targets.

Our P3 pupils respond to the call to action in drawing comics and posters to encourage their schoolmates to recycle.