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Primary 1 and 2

  • Junior Science

Primary 3

  • Variables Package
  • Every Child a Seed Programme
  • Learning Journey - Singapore Botanical Gardens and Zoo

Primary 4

  • YI Day
  • Learning Journey - Singapore Botanical Gardens
  • Enrichment Lessons at Singapore Science Centre

Primary 5

  • YI Day
  • Learning Journey – NEWater Center
  • Enrichment Lessons at Singapore Science Centre (DNA Lab)

Primary 6

  • Learning Journey - Sungei Buloh

Excellence 2000 – Primary 4 to Primary 6

To engage High Progress learners (from mainstream) in scientific investigations involving more advanced Science concepts. They foster independence in scientific inquiry in students as well as other important 21 st Century Competencies such as resilience & resourcefulness, critical & inventive thinking, & effective communication skills. Lessons covered are either based on Physical or Life Sciences.

Lessons at the Science Centre:

Phyzwurx Programme

The Phyzwurx Science programme comprises of enrichment lessons expose students to challenging physical Science activities, stretching their ability to think within the subject discipline.

The details of the 3 Modules are as follows:
Playground Science Module – to explore the Physical Science principles and concepts behind the different items commonly found in playgrounds through open investigation as well as Physical Science concepts from topics such as energy, forces and light.

Materials Science Module – explore modern day materials e.g. Ooblek, polymers, etc.

Everywhere Science Module – To further raise awareness the prevalence of physics concepts in common facilities like ramps, elevators, etc.

Junior Da Vinci Programme (NUS High)

Students showing great aptitude and passion for Science from Primary 5 are enrolled in the NUS High School Junior Da Vinci Programme.

A series of scientific and research workshops will be conducted to broaden and deepen the participants’ understanding of what is Science. After these workshops, students will work on a scientific project as a group. The project will be co-supervised by our students and our expert teachers.

The programme also helps to foster collaboration between the teachers of both schools, giving opportunities to explore other ways to nurture and develop our students’ competencies in the learning of Science especially with respect to the 21st Century competencies.


W1 Cluster YI Competition

Talented students who have carried out outstanding Science investigations during YI take part in this Competition at the cluster level. 

The Competition is also supported by NUS High School of Mathematics and Science with their teachers and students setting up booths to showcase their projects. Their teachers also help HPPS in judging the YI projects submitted for this competition

Nature Trip