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Our Goals

  1. To educate the students on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet.
  2. To teach the skills and concepts required for students to participate in a variety of physical activities.
  3. To infuse a lifelong passion for sports.
  4. To promote Olympic values amongst students through games and sports.


A Henry Park Primary School student’s 6-year Physical Education (PE) journey follows a well-mapped plan which is aligned to the MOE’s PE syllabus. The focus on Primary 1 to 3 is mainly on developing the students’ fundamental movement skills mainly through Gymnastics and Dance modules, as well as Games and Sports. Primary 4 to 6 students will focus mostly on acquiring skills and concepts of Games and Sports through our Modular Sports Programme. Students will be given opportunities to learn new sports and practise their newly-acquired skills in games during their PE lessons.

PE programmes

Primary 1-3 Gymnastics

All Primary 1 to 3 students will undergo a structured gymnastics programme that aims to improve their flexibility and fundamental movement skills. As part of the PE syllabus, students learn gymnastics skills like balances, rolls and jumps in a safe and conducive environment. They will also get the opportunity to perform a gymnastic sequence as part of their assessment in Primary 3.

Primary 4-6 Modular Sports

The Physical Education (PE) department runs a modular sports programme during PE lessons for Primary 3 to 6 students with the aim of exposing them to a variety of sports and games as part of their curriculum. On top of more commonly played sports like soccer and basketball, students are taught the skills and gameplay of sports like Tchoukball, which originated from Switzerland, as well as Ultimate Frisbee and handball.

Students are taught the rules and gameplay of these sports and are given opportunities during lessons to practise the skills and apply them in games. Learning these sports is part of the department’s objectives in enriching the students’ global awareness of sports as well as inculcating a love and passion for sports in them.

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