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PE, Aesthetics and CCA


  • To mould the pupils to be all-rounded.
  • To provide opportunity to discover, develop and display their talent in the Aesthetics.
  • To develop artistic and cultural awareness in the pupils.


The six-year aesthetic programme in Henry Park Primary School aims to provide all students with opportunities to be explore and develop the Arts. Through arts experience and art appreciation, students will be able to attain basic literacy in music, as well as apply Elements of Art and Principles of Design through their years in HPPS.

Aesthetics Enrichment Exposure Programme

The Aesthetics Enrichment Exposure Programme (AEEP) aims to provide pupils with a wider exposure to a different repertoire of the Arts. Through this programme, we hope to nurture creative expression through music-making and art designing as well as to discover new talents among our pupils.

Primary 1 and 2

During the first two years, students are introduced to the fundamental essentials of music making. They will be exposed to simple note playing with the Erhu. Students will be engaged in music and movement lessons to build up their sense of rhythm. In Art, students are introduced to Elements of Arts via drawing with oil pastels and painting.

Primary 3 and 4

In the next two years, the music programme allows for students to develop further in their music skills. Lessons are designed based on Orff Approach and students will be able to try their hands on instruments such as xylophones. In Art lessons, students will be able to appreciate Traditional Cultural Art and Craft such as Batik Painting.

Primary 5 and 6

Students proceed from music theory knowledge to music composition and music performing. In these two years, students embark on various platforms, such as music making through software app, to build and hone various music skills. During art lessons, students participate in art making with creative art mediums.