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Our Goals

  • Master the Language: To develop pupils’ language competencies in listening, speaking, reading and writing in an engaged learning environment.
  • Treasure the Language: To make the learning of Chinese, Malay and Tamil meaningful by promoting the cultural richness found in each Language.
  • Love the Language: To spark the joy of learning Mother Tongue Languages with interesting and engaging instructional activities and programmes. 

Tamil Programmes

Story Telling Programme

Primary 1 and 2 pupils attend story-telling sessions on Thursdays. These story-telling sessions are conducted by Parent Volunteers.
Primary 1 and 2 pupils attend this story-telling sessions at the library. The objective of the programme is to provide opportunities for pupils to be exposed to reading Tamil books as well as to inculcate the interest of reading more Tamil books.


Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight is an annual event which is conducted across all levels.  This enables pupils to experience the Tamil Language and culture beyond curriculum. Pupils are exposed to our culture, tradition and history and are able to learn more about Tamil Language. Our Mother tongue fortnight activities are aimed to instill a sense of belonging to our pupils and love for the language.
During the two-week long programme, students were engaged in many fun-filled activities like decorating of kolam, karaoke and story-telling. Primary 5 students were also introduced to the art of appreciation of Chinese tea. There were also level competitions such as Speed Reading and Creative Writing competitions.  During the 2-week long programme, students were engaged in many fun-filled activities which range from making of craft works to participation in interactive booth activities based on Tamil culture.

Story-Telling Activity 

Story-telling activity was done for Primary 3 to 6 Tamil pupils. Students enjoyed the story telling activity and took part enthusiastically in role play.

Decorating of Kolam

The art of putting Kolam and the reasons on why it is done was explained to the students.  They had hands-on session on how to decorate a Kolam using colourful rice. 

Decorating of Kolam

During recess, booth activities were set up for students to try out on decorating Kolam.  Many students did a good job in decorating different Kolams. The Japanese students, who were visiting our school also took part in Kolam decorating activity.

Learning Journeys

Primary 5 and 6 students attended the Tamil Language Learning Festival organised by Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre (UPTLC). They took part in different activities such as traditional games, hosting and acting. They had the opportunity to work with students from other schools. Students were exposed to the Indian culture and tradition which enables them to understand and appreciate the Indian culture better.  Students enjoying the activities conducted in UPTLC. Different activities and games were conducted for students to take part and to gain experience.

Tamil Language Competitions

We conduct Tamil Language Competitions for all levels every year. These competitions aim to bring out their talents and to give them an opportunity to showcase them. Students from all levels take part in different competitions. They were confident and keen to show their talents.

Students were also sent for external competitions organised by community centres. These external competitions helped to  boost their self-esteem and confidence.