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Our Goals

  • To ensure every pupil is effectively bilingual.
  • To make the learning of Chinese, Malay and Tamil more meaningful by promoting the cultural richness found in each Language.
  • To enhance Language learning with the use of multi-media resources.
  • To provide maximum opportunity to integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing into the Language learning process.

Reading Programme

In Henry Park Primary School, students are encouraged to read books to lay a strong foundation in their language learning and to build up their vocabulary. After reading storybooks, Tamil students are given opportunities to showcase their creativity by making bookmarks and book jackets. Reading booklets are also given to every pupil from Primary 3 to Primary 6. There are different activities for them to fill in after reading a book. They are encouraged to share their stories with their classmates and this has helped them to be more confident in using Tamil Language.

Tamil Language Cultural Camp (Day Camp for students from Primary 3 - Primary 6)

In this camp, Tamil students learned about traditional games and cultural aspects of the language. For example, they learned how to make ‘thoranam’ and ‘akal vilaku’ and played traditional games like ‘goli’. ‘ainthu kal’ (five stones), ‘paramapatham’, ‘pambaram’ and ‘kabadi’. They learned about music and the musical instrument used called ‘Urumi’.

Students also attended Tamil Language camp activities in UPTLC. They had motivational talk on the importance of speaking in Tamil Language. They learned different types of traditional games, music, dance and also how to act.

Story-telling Workshop

Story-telling workshop was conducted for the upper primary students in a fun way. This is to encourage the students to read more books in Tamil and to boost their confidence to speak in Tamil Language.

Tamil Competitions

Various Tamil Language competitions are held for all levels from P1 to P6 to enhance the use of the Tamil Language. We believe that these competitions will allow students the opportunity to showcase their talents and boost their confidence in speaking the Tamil Language.