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Our Goals

  • Master the Language: To develop pupils’ language competencies in listening, speaking, reading and writing in an engaged learning environment.

  • Treasure the Language: To make the learning of Chinese, Malay and Tamil meaningful by promoting the cultural richness found in each Language.

  • Love the Language: To spark the joy of learning Mother Tongue Languages with interesting and engaging instructional activities and programmes. 


Reading Programme 

Students are encouraged to read books to lay a strong foundation in their Malay language learning and to build up their vocabulary. Activities conducted include a Creative Reading Competition for all levels. That apart, they are encouraged to share their stories with their classmates and this has helped them to be more confident in using the Malay language.

Malay Reading 1.jpgMalay Reading.jpg

Speech and Drama Programme (P1 & P2)

Through this programme, students gained confidence and showed greater ability in expressing themselves using the Malay language. At the end of the programme, the students will put up a performance which will be recorded. 


Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight is held across all levels annually. During the 2-week long programme, students will be engaged in many fun-filled activities which range from making of craft works, participation in interactive booth activities on Malay culture and language camp. Talent, project and Creative Reading competitions that will be held provide a platform for students to display their talent and creativity. Students also look forward to the interactive and engaging storytelling session. It has certainly been a fun yet enriching experience for the students.

P3-P6 Cultural Camp

The Cultural Camp is held yearly and involves the Primary 3 to Primary 6 students. The students are able to try their hand on Malay-related culture and arts activities like wayang kulit, kompang and gamelan.