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Our Goals

  • To ensure every pupil is effectively bilingual.
  • To make the learning of Chinese, Malay and Tamil more meaningful by promoting the cultural richness found in each Language.
  • To enhance Language learning with the use of multi-media resources.
  • To provide maximum opportunity to integrate listening, speaking, reading and writing into the Language learning process.


Oracy programme for Primary 1 and 2

The objectives of the programme are to enhance students’ Malay Language spoken skills, increase their level of confidence and improve their vocabulary. Some of the activities include singing, story-telling and show and tell. Students will participate in Speech and Drama Programme. Through this programme, students gained confidence and showed greater ability in expressing themselves using Malay Language. At the end of the programme, the students will put up a performance in front of their parents.

Malay Cultural Performances

Hari Raya celebration is the main highlight for the Malay students in Henry Park Primary School as most of the Malay students were involved in the preparation of the event. During the concert, various elements of the Malay culture were integrated through dance performances and presentations. It is a memorable event and an eye-opener for many as well.

Malay Language Cultural Camp (Day Camp for pupils from Primary 3 - Primary 6)

Every year, students from Primary 3 to 6 attend a day camp. Through it, students were given opportunities to take part in various cultural activities such as traditional games, martial arts, musical instruments and visual arts.

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight is an annual event which is conducted across all levels. During the 2-week long programme, students will be engaged in many fun-filled activities which range from making of craft works, participation in interactive booth activities on Malay culture and games. Apart from that, there will be inter-class competitions such as singing, show and tell, character and dialogue acting to showcase students’ talents and creativity. It has been a fruitful experience for the students.