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Learn Math, Live Math, Love Math!
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Our Goals

  • To enable students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills and apply them in mathematical situations.
  • To develop and support students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills in Mathematics for them to be confident and creative problem solvers.
  • To foster students’ positive attitudes towards the learning of Mathematics.
  • To enable students to appreciate the role of Mathematics in real life.

Our Programmes

Learning Support in Mathematics (Primary 1 and Primary 2)

The aim of Learning Support in Mathematics (or LSM) is to provide early intervention for students who have yet to attain the foundational knowledge and skills in numeracy required at their grade level. Students are supported by a qualified LSM teacher for all their Mathematics lessons.

Math Pull-Out Programme (Primary 3 to 6)

The Math Pull-Out Programme provides greater individualised attention to students who need the extra support in Mathematics. Through the smaller teacher-student ratio, the teachers are able to tailor the Mathematics lessons to cater to the learning needs of these students.

Math Olympiad Training Programme (Primary 3 to 6)

The Math Olympiad Training programme aims to provide students with an opportunity to enrich their learning in Mathematics. Students with interest and strength in Mathematics are invited to participate in this programme which also primes them to participate in the various Math Olympiad competitions.