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Cyber Wellness

What is Cyber Wellness

Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. CW education aims to equip students with an understanding of online behaviour and enable them to be responsible for their own well-being in cyberspace. 
(Credit: MOE website: https://beta.moe.gov.sg/programmes/cyber-wellness/

HPPS Cyber Wellness Vision

In HPPS, our vision is to empower our students to be future-ready and discerning digital citizens. To achieve this vision, our school believes in forging strong collaboration and partnerships with various stakeholders for effective and meaningful Cyber Wellness education in our students.

Our Stakeholders – Parents, Community and Child

HPPS Cyber Wellness Curriculum and Programmes

Our Cyber Wellness curriculum and school-wide programmes aim to equip our students with discernment, new media literacy and necessary values to navigate online spaces safely and responsibly through the following initiatives:
1) Termly assembly talks
2) Termly classroom lessons


Primary 1

Primary 2

Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

Primary 6


Digital Devices

Digital Footprint

Digital Communication

Online Communities

Social Media

The Internet


Creating Strong Passwords

Protecting Personal Information

Stranger Danger

Handling Inappropriate Online Content

Minimising Security Risks

Scams and Spams


Healthy Use of Technology

Managing Screen Time

Cyber Bullying

Gaming Addiction

Online Identity

Online Vigilantism


Surfing Safely

Introduction to Netiquette

Think Before You Post

The Power of Words

Cut & Paste

Post-PSLE CW Engagement Talks

HPPS Termly Classroom Lessons

3) Cyber Wellness lessons
4) Post-PSLE Cyber Wellness workshop
5) Safer Internet Day
6) Cyber Wellness Bazaar (held in conjunction with Kindness Bazaar)   

These lessons and programmes are designed and implemented based on MOE’s Cyber Wellness framework. 

Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors: HPPS Cyber Heroes

Guided by MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework’s third principle – Positive Peer Influence, our Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors (CWSAs) enthusiastically champion school-wide Cyber Wellness outreach efforts in HPPS. Also affectionately known as the HPPS Cyber Heroes, these student leaders take on the role as advocates to share the messages of Cyber Wellness with their peers. With their leadership and service to the student community, efforts to create a safe and caring online community are amplified through peer influence.

Cyber Wellness Resources and Parental Tips

To complement the Cyber Wellness curriculum in HPPS, we encourage parents to:

1. Establish ground rules for the use of digital devices and the Internet.

2. Talk to your child about his/her online experiences and discuss about the benefits and risks of the Internet.

3. Get your child to share with you his/her favourite online websites and spend time online together doing family activities.

4. Reassure your child that he/she can ask you questions or talk to you if he/she runs into problems online.

For more information and the latest update of Cyber Wellness issues and parental tips, please refer to the following resources. 



MOE Cyber Wellness Portal

MOE Cyber Wellness Portal provides information and resources on MOE Cyber Wellness framework and latest update on Cyber Wellness trends and parent tips




Media Literacy Council

Media Literacy Council provides information and resources on digital literacy issues.




Cyber Security Agency

Cyber Security Agency provides information and resources on cyber safety and security when navigating online.




National Library Board

National Library Board provides information and tips on identifying reliable and credible online sources.