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Save the Animals by 6I & 6J

Our community project for this year is on animal care.

Sad tales of abused pets an SPCA officer came to share.

The powerful message struck a chord in everyone’s heart.

Be kind to animals, we know we can all do our part.


The P4s made posters to raise everyone’s awareness.

Merchandise sale made more than three thousand dollars.

Helping the animal shelter through this fund-raising.

What our school has achieved was truly amazing.


Through assembly talks the P5s advocate.

Be aware of the products we used and food we ate.

As consumers we must show greater compassion.

An effort that will help in animal conservation.


The P6s attended the Wildlife Buddies workshop.

They learnt about harmful practices that had to stop.

After researching on the effects of pollution.

They created worksheets on wildlife preservation.


At the River Safari, the P6s guided the P4s and 5s.

To help them learn how to save the animals’ lives.

As leaders they had a lot of information to be shared.

To make sure that our animal friends are spared.


We hope that we can stop littering to prevent pollution.

Getting people to use eco-friendly products is a good solution.

Through this project we really have learnt a lot.

"Save the animals", we were taught and caught.

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