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GEP Science

Our Goals

  • Experimental hands-on approach to learning of Science;
  • Inquiry-based learning using Scientific methods;
  • Real-world application of scientific concepts;
  • Interactive and engaging Science lessons using blended learning incorporating various ICT platforms.

1 Science Experiments.jpeg

Science Experiments

2 Young Surgeons.jpeg

Young Surgeons

3 Interactive Science Lesson.jpeg

Interactive Science Lesson

Science Pic 1.jpg
P4 lesson on plant transport system

Science Picture 2.png
                                                                                 Science blended learning lesson

Science Picture 3.png
Pupils observing specimens of seeds and fruits in plant reproduction lessons

Science Picture 4.png
Pupils looking for objects visible in the black box during the lesson on light

Science Picture 5.png
Pupils conducting experiments in the Science lab

Science Picture 6.png
Pupils using data loggers to collect data during Science lessons