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Talent Development Framework

3-D Talent Development Framework

Talent development model.png

Discover, Develop, Display

Discovering Talent:
Our school works towards providing multiple platforms in the different domains for all students to discover and grow in awareness of their areas of strengths. Such platforms will be made available through an enriched curriculum in the cognitive domain, modular programmes in the aesthetics and physical domains and the various programmes conducted through CCA and leadership programmes. Through such programmes, the school will identify students who show greater potential in key areas and recommend programmes that will further develop them in these areas.

Developing Talent:
With the belief that every child possesses talent that is unique to the individual, the school works with them at their various levels of strength in the different domains. The programmes introduced help to develop them, enabling them to scale from one level to another.  In this light, the school will offer enrichment programmes as well as specialised training or coaching for students who show greater strength in any particular area.

Display of Talent:
Students will get the opportunity to showcase their talents via various platforms within and outside of the school environment. Through this, the school hopes to give students the motivation to succeed and appreciate their achievements. It also hopes to nurture self-confidence in students as well as to encourage them to be self-directed learners who can positively impact and contribute to the community in the future.