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Curriculum and Talent Development

Our Philosophy: Every Child a Child of Talent

Our school believes that every child is different and hence possesses talent that is unique to him/her. The school recognises talent as an area of strength that can be discovered and developed. The school provides opportunities for all students to discover and develop their talents, stimulating their passion so that they will continue to develop their talents further, beyond Primary education. The school instils and reinforces the school values through its programmes for talent development. Students will also have the opportunity to build their moral and social awareness through their participation in the various activities. 

Key values like perseverance, integrity and self-discipline will be honed.

Domains of Talent

Our school has identified three domains of talent; Cognitive, Aesthetics & Physical and Leadership.

Cognitive: The cognitive domain covers areas of academic learning within and beyond the curriculum. All students will be given opportunities to explore areas beyond the syllabus and/or dwell deeper into various subject matters. Through this, the school provides more challenging experiences, using content as a platform to develop a foundation in basic critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking skills. Students who show greater potential in key subject areas will be further given the opportunity to participate in additional enrichment programmes outside of curriculum time.

Aesthetics and Physical Domain: The aesthetics and physical domain includes talent in Music, Art and Sports. It also includes Co-Curricular Activities. Specialised coaching, advanced facilities and equipment will be provided for students who show advanced ability in their area of strength.

Leadership Domain: The leadership domain encompasses all students whereby they are given the opportunity to take on leadership roles within and outside the classroom. Students who display strong leadership potential and interpersonal skills will be further groomed for leadership roles beyond the classroom.