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Character and Citizenship Education

Our Character Framework


Our Mascots


Our Goal

Guided by the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Framework, the department seeks to nurture upright and responsible leaders through the CCE programme. By providing varied opportunities to teach CCE, the department aims to nurture and develop citizenry in students who possess good character and display the desired social and emotional competencies.

Our Programmes

1. Discipline
    We hope to instil in all pupils the value of self-discipline. We believe that in acquiring self-discipline, pupils will inevitably 
    be able to overcome any obstacles they may encounter. Self-discipline is a life-long value that will serve and benefit 
    them tremendously as they grow and mature. Pupils are expected and encouraged to manage their own behaviour so 
    as to demonstrate the value of self-discipline.

2. National Education (NE)
    National Education (NE) is part of holistic education. It aims to foster national cohesion and boost students’ confidence  
    in our nation’s future. It also emphasises on cultivating a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore. 
    National Education is infused with the primary school curriculum. Social Studies integrates History and Geography with 
    some basic Economics and Sociology. Emphasis is placed on the application of knowledge and skills, and the 
    acquisition of values.

    NE comprises four core annual events
    • Total Defence Day
    • International Friendship Day
    • Racial Harmony Day
    • National Day

Programme Highlights

Learning Journeys are interactive experiences that allow students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Singapore’s history, geography and culture. The trips enable pupils to:
understand and appreciate the rich cultural and historical heritage of our people;
foster a sense of pride in the rich diversity of our heritage;
share a common bond which will hold our society together as a people and as a nation.

3. Values-In-Action (VIA)
    The Values in Action programme serves to involve our pupils in various projects to give them the opportunity to 
     demonstrate the school values. Besides being involved in planned community projects, our students are encouraged 
     to self-initiate projects to benefit those around them. This ties in with the school’s leadership and character 
     development programmes, where we seek to provide a holistic and well-rounded education for our pupils.

4. Character Building
    The objective of the Character Building programme is to instil character values in every student using the school values
There is a 6 year roll-out plan for every student. The activities that are carried out for every student are as follows:

Explicit Teaching
Teachers teach character values in the classrooms during Assembly period. Students are provided with case studies and scenarios where they can apply the values taught to solve the issues raised. 

Incidental Infusion
Teachers incorporate desired character values into their teaching.

Infusion into IP and Non-IP Subjects
Subject teachers will teach character values specified in the Scheme of Work.

5. Contemporary Issues
    Students explore various contemporary issues to gain greater awareness of the world around them. Our students 
    construct new knowledge through a collaborative process and broaden their minds to other perspectives. In the 
    process, developing their own citizenship dispositions. 

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