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CCA Registration 2020

Recreational CCA Registration for 2020

P3 to P5 Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Registration for 2020

CCA – Character Building. Nurturing Leaders. CCA Ownership.

CCA is an essential part of education for our students. It supports the school’s mission and is one of the key components of our character development programme. We aim to provide a wide range of activities to cater to students' diverse needs and abilities. Students in P3 to P6 students are encouraged to participate in only one CCA.

This CCA Registration will only be applicable for students in the following categories:

1) P3 to P5 students with no CCA in 2019

2) P3 to P5 students who did not achieve an 80% attendance in their 2019 CCA (an email would have been sent to you by 29 Oct 2019 (Tue) if your child have achieved an attendance of 80% in 2019)

3) P3 to P5 students who would like to change a CCA in 2020.

All interested students are to fill up the registration form on Parents Gateway and submit it by 7 Nov 2019 (Thu).

Please note the following:

1)      Please check the available CCAs for registration and their information in 2020 before registering.  Please click here.

2)      Registration for CCA will be done via the registration form on Parents Gateway from 29 Oct 2019 (Tue), 5pm to 7 Nov 2019 (Thu), 5pm.

For caregivers who do not have access to Parents Gateway account, hard copies of the CCA Registration Form will be made available in the General Office during the duration of the CCA registration exercise.  All hard copies must be returned to the General Office before the closing date, 7 Nov 2019 (Thu), 1.30pm, of the CCA registration. 


For general enquiries, please email to Ms Iqlima at nur_iqlima_mohamad@moe.edu.sg.
For enquiries pertaining to specific CCA, please email the respective teachers in-charge.