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CCA Registration 2019

Registration of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) for 2019 .Character Building. Nurturing Leaders. CCA Ownership.

Recreational CCAs will only be offered to P3 to P6 students in 2019.  CCA registration for 2019 will commence from 8 Nov 2018 (Thu, 3pm) to 13 Nov 2018 (Tue, 5pm) for the following groups of students:

1)      All P2 students (2018)

2)      P3 – P5 students (2018) without any CCA or ECCA

3)      P3 – P5 students (2018) who would like to change a CCA in 2019

The three groups of students above are encouraged to participate in one CCA in 2019. Successful applicants are expected to attend CCA regularly.  They are also strongly encouraged to stay committed to their chosen CCA throughout the year.

Please note that NO action is required for these groups of students:

-          2018 Recreational CCA students who achieved 80% attendance in 2018 and intend to continue in the same Recreational CCA in 2019
(Parents of this group of students would have received an email by 8 Nov 2018 to inform them that they are not required to sign up for CCA in 2019)

-          Students who accept the invite letter to continue with their CCA in 2019


Students who are in the following CCAs will receive an invite letter to continue with their CCA in 2019. There is NO NEED to register on MConline unless he/ she intend to change a CCA.

These CCAs are:

Chinese Dance

Chinese Orchestra


Contemporary Dance

String Ensemble

English Oratorical Club

InfoComm Club

Training Team Gymnastics

Training Team Netball

Training Team Table-tennis

Training Team Tennis

Training Team Track and Field

Instructions for registration:

1) Click on the link and refer to the CCA Schedule (tentative) for 2019 &  Email Address of CCA Teachers-in-charge (tentative) for selection of CCA.

2) Login to your child’s MConline account using the “CCA Registration form for 2019” to register.  Registration will be available from 8 Nov 2018, 3pm to 13 Nov 2018, 5pm: https://www.mconline.sg/LEAD/login/lms_login.aspx

3) Results of CCA allocation will be emailed to parents by 23 Nov 2018 (Fri).


For general enquiries, please email to the following email: cca.regis2019@gmail.com

For enquiries pertaining to specific CCA, please email the respective teachers in-charge.