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School Crest and School Song

School Crest

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The school crest is bounded by two circles- the inner and outer circle. Both circles symbolize unity, cohesiveness and harmony.

The inner circle speaks of the unity that exists within the school to carry out the mission of the school. The outer circle demonstrates the link the school has with other schools as part of the total education system and within the community at large.

The stars between the two circles symbolise excellence. They signify that the school stands within the community as a shining example of a school which nurtures pupils and teaches them to conduct themselves well, take pride in their work and achieve excellent results. The stars also indicate that the school believes in a balance between excellent academic performance and character building.

School song

We have stood in honour and glory.
Challenge to win our victory.
We fight to win our school a name.
Strive towards our common aim.


Oh Henry Park, we salute to thee.
We'll unite into a family.
We will study in racial harmony.
We'll be loyal and honest to thee.

We search for success and unity.
Happy and cheerful we will be.
In games and work we give our best,
with flying colours in all tests.

(Repeat chorus)