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Privacy Policy

1. This is a Henry Park Primary School Website. Thank you for examining our privacy statement.

2. If you are only browsing this website, we do not capture data that allows us to identify you individually.

3. If you choose to make an application or send us an e-mail for which you provide us with personally identifiable data, we may share necessary data with other Government agencies, so as to serve you in a most efficient and effective way, unless such sharing is prohibited by legislation. We will NOT share your personal data with non-Government entities, except where such entities have been authorised to carry out specific Government services.

4. This site may contain links to non-Government sites whose data protection and privacy practices may differ from ours. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of these other websites and encourage you to consult the privacy notices of those sites.

5. We would like to inform you that photographs/videos of students/parents taken at all school events/ competitions by the school may be published on the school’s official communication channels (e.g. newsletters, school website or similar platforms) and may be used for briefings, workshops and other educational purposes. The school may occasionally publish photographs, videos and students’ work/achievements together with the names of the students. Photographs, videos, and/or sound recordings of students will not be used in publicity campaigns placed with external media outlets unless parental consent is given.