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Principal's Message

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I am honoured to be part of an institution that has spanned over 40 years and be given the opportunity to be the 8th Principal of Henry Park Primary School. I am grateful for all the hard work that my predecessors and past teachers had done in shaping Henry Park to become what it is today.

In Henry Park, the child is central to everything we do. Our programmes and policies are designed to meet the varied needs and interests of our pupils. Each child is important to us in Henry Park as we foster him/her to be a happy learner and help realise his/her potential. This is best reflected in the school’s philosophy that “Every child matters and every child can succeed”.

The school mission, vision and values serve as lighthouse, guiding the school in nurturing the leader in our pupils – with talents and strength of character through our distinctive programmes such as the Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Learning for Life Programme (LLP), in-house Talent Development programmes and service-learning experiences for our students to develop a heightened sense of empathy for others and contribute to our community. Through our customised curriculum, our pupils go through a holistic education that will groom them to be people of character and relevance, who are Honest in Performance, and who possess Pride in Service.

Our work aims to fulfil our vision of developing Henry Park pupils to live life being guided by our RICE values of Respect, Integrity, Care and Excellence. This will equip and prepare them for the future and become successful and contributing individuals with a strong moral compass whom we will be proud of.

As a school, we know it takes the whole community to raise the Henry Park pupil. We value the partnership with our parents, the SAC, HPPA and our Alumni. We would like to encourage each and every one to journey with my team of dedicated and caring staff as we give our pupils a meaningful and enriching schooling experience. In the education that we provide, we would like our pupils to Dream to aspire, to possess the skills to Discover and the heart to Dare in each phase of their lives.

Mr Koh Chin Thong