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School Safety and Security



  • ·   Purpose
    •      For all students and staff to gain clarity of human and vehicular traffic movement in the school
    •      To ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians within the school compound and the vicinity of the school

Policy for vehicles coming into and exiting school


    Fair/Wet weather plan

    • Parents are allowed to drive into the school.
    • Vehicles are only allowed to enter the school grounds 10 minutes before school dismissal time.
    • School / excursion buses are stationed at the parking bay, away from the path of pedestrian flow. Bus drivers are required to switch off the engine while waiting for passengers.
Policy for pedestrians entering and exiting school

    a.  For students/Staff

       o   Students/Staffs are required to walk along the covered walkway at Level 1 or Level 3.

       o  Signages are put up to remind students to walk and not run.

       o  Those who are waiting for parents / guardians need to do so at the porch outside General Office (Level 3) or Plaza Area                      (dismissal time only) or outside the library porch (level 1)

         b. For students leaving the school early 

             o   Students must wait in the General Office. Their parents must sign request form to bring their child home early.

   c. For visitors

             o   Visitors are to sign in at the security counter and obtain a sticker before proceeding further. 

             o   They are to put on the sticker when they are in the school compound. 

             o   They are required to walk along the covered walkway and report to the General Office before proceeding to any other parts             of the school. 

             o   Visitors, including parents, are not allowed to go to rooms reserved for teaching and learning. 

        d.    Parents waiting areas during school dismissal

      o   At Bus Bay Porch (Level 1)

        •       Parents can wait for their children at the library porch area.

      o   At General Office Porch (Level 3)

      o   At Plaza Area (Level 3) gate 7.

        •      Parents may enter the school and wait close to the security plaza gate.

        e.  Strategically located CCTV cameras allow school to monitor entrance and exit of students and visitors to the school. 

Safe Route for Vehicles

    • The routes vehicles are to use are described in Appendix 1 (Traffic Flow in School Driveway)
      •  Vehicles enter from the gate 2 or gate 4 (morning drop-off & non-peak hours). Buses enter from Gate 4. 
      • For passengers coming in from Gate 2, alight in front of the general office.  For vehicles coming in from Gate 4, drivers stop in front of Security Guards for registration. 

Safe Routes for Pedestrians

    • Pedestrians enter and leave the school through the route described in Appendix 2 (HPPS Safe Route)
      • Pedestrians enter and exit the school via the sheltered walkway.

Communication of School Traffic Management Plan

    • To school population 
      • School Traffic Management Plan will be cascaded to all students & staff through assembly.
    • To parents 
      • Parents will be informed of the School Traffic Management Plan via Letter to Parents and school website.